Previous Conference Hosts and Locations


1991 Canberra @ ANU

1993 Newcastle

1995 Queensland @ University of Queensland

1997 Melbourne/Monash @ Melbourne University

1999 Rockhampton campus of Central Queensland University

2001 Sydney/UNSW @ the University of New South Wales

2003 Queensland @ QUT

2005 Adelaide @ University of Adelaide

2007 Canberra @ ANU


2009 July, 13-16 Sydney The 15th Biennial Conference @ Sydney / UNSW

The 16th Biennial JSAA Conference was co-hosted in Sydney together with the ICJLE (International Conference on Japanese Language Education).

(Convenor: Chihiro Kinoshita-Thomson)

Theme: Bridging the gap between the Japanese language and Japanese studies


2011, July 4-7. The 17th Biennial Conference @ University of Melbourne

(Convenor: Carolyn Stevens)

Theme: Internationasing Japan: Sport, culture education.


2013, July 8-11. The 18th Biennial Conference @ Australian National University.

(Convenor: Carol Hayes)

Theme: Cities, Nature & Landscapes: From Nara to the Networked City


2015, June 30 – July 3. The 19th Biennial Conference @ La Trobe university

(Convenoer: Kaori Okano)

Theme: Japanese Sudies and Japan in the Asia-Pacific: Rethinking ‘Eurocentrism’?.


2017, June 27-30. The 20th Biennial Conference @ University of Wollongong 

(Convenoer: Vera Mackie)

Theme: Debating democracy in Japan








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