February 2019


Call for Papers: Japan Journal of Multilingualism and Multiculturalism, 25th Anniversary Issue

The deadline for submissions for this issue is April 30th, 2019 or, in the case of book reviews, June 30th, 2019. Authors are encouraged to get submissions in early. Submission of papers to JJMM is open to all, including those who are not Bilingualism SIG/ JALT members, the papers will be accepted in either English or Japanese.​

The Japan Journal of Multilingualism and Multiculturalism - 多言語多文化研究 (JJMM) (ISSN: 1348-4095) is a publication of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) Bilingualism SIG. This journal features original academic articles and book reviews on issues of bilingualism and multiculturalism in Japanese contexts. It is published in print form annually, and is also made available electronically on the Bilingualism SIG website ( one year after paper publication. ​

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The Other Manga: It Bites! Japanese Newspaper Cartoon Satire Exhibition

Location: Swanston Library, RMIT University City Campus, Melbourne
Dates: 5 Feb to 10 March (may close early)
Opening hours: Weekdays 8am to midnight; weekends 10am to 5pm

This exhibition features over 130 contemporary newspaper satirical cartoons from national and regional perspectives by seven Japanese cartoonists. The title of the exhibition refers to the broader use of the word "manga" in Japanese, which includes the meaning cartoons. The cartoonists involved in this exhibition see themselves as "sesō manga" (current news cartoons) or "fūshi manga" (satirical cartoon) artists. All the cartoons include the original Japanese titles along with English translations and publication dates. Underneath the captions are brief summaries of the background news at the time of publication, and in some cases culture notes, to aid understanding the satirical targets and humour.

Part 1 is made up of sixty-two Kyodo News cartoons published in Japanese newspapers during 2018. Kyodo News is a not-for-profit news cooperative based in Tokyo which supplies news, photos and cartoons to over seventy domestic newspapers and to overseas media. These cartoons by Kyodo's six cartoonists take a national (Tokyo-centric) position to comment on domestic and international politics as well as other social issues and events. The Japanese perspectives, symbols and cartooning styles will be of interest to anyone interested in Japanese politics and culture and/or in cartooning in general.

Part 2 shows seventy-three of Yuzō Asakura's weekly Disaster Picture Diary (Shinsai e nikki) cartoons from the regional newspaper Fukushima Minpō (circulation 300,000). The cartoons cover the last 8 years since the devastating 11 March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power accident. While the cartoons extend to both domestic national politics and occasionally international issues they are primarily done from local perspective. The artist who is now almost 80 years old lives in Minamisoma just outside the exclusion zone created due to radioactive fallout from the power plant meltdowns. His observations of life in the region as it tries to recover, the ironies, joys and anger, are all heartfelt. A number, according to the artist, were drawn while shedding tears. Now, a time when this disaster is fading from memory, these cartoons are a timely and important reminder of the lessons to be learned from Fukushima, and the continuing plight of those in the disaster areas as they struggle to recover. 

The Other Manga: It Bites! exhibition was planned by Ronald Stewart (Daito Bunka University) and presented and co-curated by Jim Bridges and the Australian Cartoon Museum. It was put together with the help and cooperation of Kyodo News and their cartoonists, Asakura Yuzō, Fukushima Minpō, the Swanston Library RMIT University, and the Australasian Humour Studies Network.

No room for Romance? Masculinity, Femininity and Changing Ideals in Japan

Talk series, Feb 27 - Mar 5

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but Japan’s not feeling the love... The Japan Foundation, Sydney presents a free three-part talk series that shines a spotlight on anxieties and tensions around love and changing gender expectations in Japan. The program features solo talks by Laura Dales and Debbie Chan from The University of Western Australia (UWA), as well as a discussion session chaired by Eleni Psaltis (ABC News Radio) examining recent media coverage on gender-related issues in Japan from the perspectives of male and female social experience. 

The series is dedicated to the late Romit Dasgupta, who passed away suddenly last year and whose voice will be sadly missed in this program. 

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Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Japanese Studies: University of Sheffield

University of Sheffield's School of East Asian Studies has opened application for a full time permanent position. Successful applicant will have a PhD or equivalent in relevant subject area, leadership qualities, can teach and conduct research in Japanese and English within the broadly defined field of Japanese studies. 

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Call for applications closes 21st March 2019.

OBJECTively - Connecting Australia and Japan: Objects, cultural stories, people

In this symposium at the Japan Institute, ANU, prominent Australian and Japanese artists, cultural commentators and scholars speak about their personal relationship with an object that embodies a connection between Japan and Australia. They reflect on their own role as intermediaries between Australia and Japan and Australia in their own professional worlds. As narrators, creators, distributors, interpreters and consumers of these objects, they – and we – are transforming everyday life and cultural and artistic practices in each country. 

Free entry
8 March 2019

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JSAA Member Publishing Round-Up!

Yes, we are coming up to it again! If you or a member you know has published a new book or chapter in the last six months please send us the details so that we can gather together and celebrate the publishing achievements of our members. We will be publishing the special newsletter near the end of the year

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